True Colors / Backbone Connects
‘Look at me. Admire and envy me. In True Colors, choreographer Alida Dors goes in search of the real person behind our online identities. Nothing is what it seems. Her characteristic, innovative hip-hop vocabulary, stripped of show and bravado, unpicks the stories behind social media images. We see what normally is hidden.’

making of

Premiere: 28th of January 2017, Theater Bellevue Amsterdam

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AUSUFERN is the name of a brand new interdisciplinary series of events run by Uferstudios in Berlin and means exactly that: to go beyond one’s own limitations and beyond usual sites of artistic production presenting and initiating art projects that reach into the public realm. These events particularly look to create a dialogue within the neighbourhood and seek to understand the realities of the neighborhood of Wedding, Berlin. Choreography is not only understood as staging, but also as social practice- a multiple and contradictory mobilisation of individual bodies which in turn brings about “communities in development”.

Entrance for the performance is free. In 2017, AUSUFERN takes place from 1-4 June, 1-4 July, 1-4 August, 1-4 September and 1-4 October.

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The diptych Please me Please of Bitter Sweet Dance is going to be shown on traveling festival De Parade in Amsterdam as well as in Utrecht.

Utrecht: 3 – 6 August
Amterdam: 12 – 15 August

More info on: 


See here the trailer of Please me Please – the Solo. Wanna see the Duet at well? Go and check it here: Please me Please – The Duet / Liat Waysbort



choreography: Liat Waysbort
dancers: Ivan Ugrin, Amy Gale and Angela Linssen
dramaturgy: Annette van Zwoll
producer: BitterSweet Dance
co-producer: Dansmakers Amsterdam
production manager: Jannita Jáuregui

Although shown through the lens of male intimacy, the feeling Vassiliou and the performers tries to channel is something that is beyond sexuality or gender: the beatitude of total absorption in another being.’
Rachel Donnelly / blog Dublin Dance Festival

Alexis Vassiliou – a series of three
In 2013, choreographer Alexis Vassiliou started his research on the connection between physical sensations and the emotional en relational consequences of that. In every performance he took one clear physical action, turned that upside down and inside out, and used it to evoke a range of associations and emotions, for the performers as well as for spectators. The diffused intimacy and playfulness that arose between the male performers became tangible for the audience.

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photo: Marquis Palmer

On October 4, 2015, the second part of the duet Please me Please will premiere during the Dutch Dance Festival.

Liat Waysbort investigates our need to please with two older dancers, Amy Gale and Angela Linssen. In Please me Please – The Duet, two bodies full of history are confronted with the standards which the ‘older person’ is supposed to meet. The production questions our definition of beauty – precisely, explosively and tenderly – with the objective of stretching that definition. ‘Liat Waysbort previously had an impact with the strong and very individual Please me Please – The Solo, danced by the young Ivan Ugrin. In contrast to his youth, Waysbort now goes on an adventure with two self-assured women who each, in their own way, embody an aspect of the history of Dutch dance. That makes one curious.

choreography: Liat Waysbort
dance: Amy Gale, Angela Linssen
dramaturgy: Annette van Zwoll
producer: Bitter Sweet Dance
co producer: Dansmakers Amsterdam
production: Jannita Jáuregui
light and technique: Mark Thewessen

photo: David Dollman
The taiga, the major forest that stretches in a belt around the entire northern hemisphere, is a place of mystery. A place beyond our immediate comprehension. Deep down in the dark and humid forest, in its waste areas and inhospitable terrain, the world seems a little different. You seem a little different. Senses open up, instincts awaken, the familiar becomes the unfamiliar and vice versa.

In the trilogy KAZAK the Norwegian theatre collective NONcompany considers the enormity of the taiga as the basis of our roots and claims that natural habitat is more important to people’s sense of belonging than nationality, social class and culture.

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Please me please – the solo has been made by Liat Waysbort and Ivan Ugrin (I was involved as dance dramaturge) with no financial support. It has been caught op by the international dance scene and is now traveling the world. After Kroatia, the Netherlands, Russia and Italy, it recently was shown at the Mercat de les Flores in Barcelona, Spain, in the frame of Flower Market. It got the following review:

‘The surprise of the evening! A journey of transformation from male to female dancer, where the vanity of someone who knows is desired and the perfection of dance gesture, connect gender change with states of mind. A small masterpiece, probably the best piece I have seen these days in Flower Market.’

Catalan review

Meanwhile, we are busy working on the next piece Please me please – the duet!

photo CaDance: Maarten Evenhuis

The coming two weeks you can enjoy exciting dance premieres at the festival for modern dance CaDance in the Hague. With  sparkling new dance by up-and-coming talents and leading choreographers in the Netherlands. This 17th edition takes place from 30 January until 15 February 2015.

Check the programme at and pay special attention to the performance texts that I wrote. And on Sunday, February 1, I will lead the after talk after the performance Rise Up of Guilherme Miotto.

Let’s Talk About Gender Baby!
Column Mikki Stelder / October 3 2014 / Dutch Dance Dialogues / Maastricht

“Do we still need to talk about gender in dance and performance?” This is a question I hear very often.
The still in this question implies a certain fatigue. It presumes that the topic has been exhausted. That we have witnessed significant changes over the decades both on and off-stage. Instead of asking the question “do we still need to talk about gender in dance?” I am inspired by a song from the artist Planningtorock that I send to my students before the first day of class “let’s talk about gender baby!”

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