Picture Please me Please-the duet: Marquis Palmer

Bitter Sweet Dance / Liat Waysbort (NL, since 2015)
As artistic associate I, together with choreographer Liat Waysbort, set out the organisational and artistic parameters for the future of Bitter Sweet Dance and as a dramaturge I contribute to the artistic development of the performances of Bitter Sweet Dance.

What You See Festival (NL, since January 2017)
Together with general director Vincent Wijlhuizen and Ieme Soes, I’m co-initiator and programmer of What You See Festival: a new, international and multidisciplinary art festival on the topic of gender that will take place for the first time from November 22 till 24 2018 in Theater Kikker in the city of Utrecht.

European Dancehouse Network (EU, since March 2018) 
For the European Dancehouse Network I travel to all their collective events like Ateliers and Forums to reflect on those in writing and document the activities.

AUSUFERN / Uferstudios (GE, since June 2016)
As production manager I was responsible for a series of mini festivals that were organised in the summer of 2016 and 2017 with the aim of breaking the boundaries of the performing arts hub Uferstudios and the diverse neighborhood of Wedding, Berlin.

 Performing Arts Fund (since March 2017)
As one of the advisors of the Performing Arts Fund NL, the most important national fund of supporting the performing arts in the Netherlands, I advise on performance applications.

Springback Magazine (since March 2017)
In my continuing search for words to discuss and describe dance, I write for Springback Magazine, the first and only European online magazine reviewing dance performances from all over Europe.