Picture Sometimes it´s there: Thanh Beels

With body and brains I contribute to the the process of making. From big and philosophical issues to small details. Taking distance when needed, but always engaged.

I worked for several independent artists in Europe and try to establish sustainable long term relationships that can change form and shape. To stay connected, throughout the concept phase, the rehearsing phase and presentation face, but also beyond.

As a dance dramaturge, I was involved in the following performances:

Bitter Sweet Dance / Liat Waysbort  / artistic associate
Passable (2018)
Please me Please – the duet (2015)
Please me Please – the solo  (2014)
What’s Left (2012) to support in the last week of creation

Backbone / Alida Dors
True Colors (2017)

Alexis Vassiliou 
NOON (2015)

Koen De Preter
Performance Journey (2013)
Research Journey (2012)
While Things Can Change (2010)
Sometimes It’s there (2008)
We Dance To Forget (2007)

André Gingras / Dance Works Rotterdam
Start dramaturgical dialogue and research on Codex (2012). Due to André’s illness the collaboration unfortunately ended prematurely.

anoukvandijk dc
Wowwowwonders in me (2010)

On Reality (study, 2011) Douglas Bateman
Iron John (2010) Jonny Schoofs
No soul to be told (2010) Manuela Raurich
Noord / streamer (2010) Annika Pannito

ArtEZ Dance Academy
From 2007 till 2010 I was a guest teacher dance dramaturgy at the ArtEZ Dance Academy in Arnhem.