Passible means being capable of feeling or suffering, being susceptible to sensation or emotion.

Together with 16 young talents from the third year of the Modern Dance Education at the Theater School in Utrecht, choreographer Liat Waysbort and I continued working on group dynamics, compositional ideas and dramaturgical lines related to a large body of dancers.
With the dancers, the domains of feelings and emotions as an active activity was explored. In the journey of creation, we looked at various ways to provoke material and bodily expressions through the filters of emotional tension, exploring how those result in movement and motion of the individual and of the group.

Choreography: Liat Waysbort / Bitter Sweet Dance in collaboration with MTD3 students
Dramaturgy and artistic associate: Annette van Zwoll
Assistant and rehearsal director : Ivan Ugrin
Music: Guido VewerCostumes design :Liat Waysbort in collaboration with the ateliers of the Academy for Theatre and Dance