Photo: Yuri Huijg / Soopknife

The second edition of What You See Festival took place from November 22 – 24 in the city of Utrecht. Initiated by Vincent Wijlhuizen, Ieme Soes and myself, this multidisciplinary and international festival presented a brand new program fueled with urgency and joy. Through dance, theatre, film, exhibitions, music and more, the festival questions and stretches deep ingrained norms on gender and identity.

“Still humble in means, yet rich and ambitious in its programming, this festival is diverse in its core – the main focus lying on the topics of (gender and sexual) identities – but also diverse in poetic approaches to the themes at hand.” – Jordi Theunissen,

Next festival is November 19 – 22 in Utrecht, NL

“What is particularly enriching about this festival is the insight of the artistic direction to not only approach “gender” from the point of view of the artistic LGBTQI community – who is also very present in the program with valuable examples such as the research presentation by Daniel Mariblanca – but to approach “gender” as a concept that concerns every individual. ” Francesco Guazzo (IT) on

Graces by Silvia Gribaudi is an invitation to see different perspectives and leaves room for those who may not (yet) want to or cannot” – Lisa Reinheimer,