Fremdgehen (literally meaning: going into foreign parts, walking astray or in a strange way, but also used to the description of having a side affair) of Sabine Zahn comprises four choreographic duets each made together with an unknown companion in the area around Anhalter Bahnhof in Berlin. Each of the four performers invited their guest to subtly shift their viewpoints on the city of Berlin through movement and physical communication. Fremdgehen tested the amount of playfulness the daily life of this neighbourhood allowed.Fremdgehen took place in June and August 2019 and I was involved as production manager.

“This is one thing your performance left me feeling: The city is not just a place to pass through. But a place to be in. And a place to be with”- Fremdgehen visitor 

directed and produced by Sabine Zahn, performance: Arantxa Martinez, Daniel Belasco Rogers, Joshua Rutter, Sophia New, video & foto documentation: Andrea Keiz, research mapping: Benoit Verjat, production: Annette van Zwoll, Amanda Glücks, pr: Frauke Niemann funded by Senat für Kulturelle Angelegenheiten and supported by Stadtmission St. Lukas Gemeinde