Although shown through the lens of male intimacy, the feeling Vassiliou and the performers tries to channel is something that is beyond sexuality or gender: the beatitude of total absorption in another being.’
Rachel Donnelly / blog Dublin Dance Festival

Alexis Vassiliou – a series of three
In 2013, choreographer Alexis Vassiliou started his research on the connection between physical sensations and the emotional en relational consequences of that. In every performance he took one clear physical action, turned that upside down and inside out, and used it to evoke a range of associations and emotions, for the performers as well as for spectators. The diffused intimacy and playfulness that arose between the male performers became tangible for the audience.

In the first performance in this quest, the duet Please be Gentle (2013), Vassiliou dived into an involuntary bodily sensation we all know: the shiver. By exercising this physical sensation in different close positions for an unnaturally long amount of time, the audience was constantly given a different perspective on the two performers. They were caretakers, friends, lovers and all the other range of human relationships that can exist. Playful, intimate, sincere and touching.

In Stay with me two performers, with the back towards each other, were inflicted by the waves of live played music and started to vibrate. Their continuous quivering brought them together in an exploration of intimacy that was sometimes violent and sometimes tender.

In this third and last performance of his research, three men are on stage. In NOON the rhythm of a pounding pulse gives the physical impulse to connect. The beating pulse is a proof of us being alive, it is a shared human rhythm, but often we forget about in. When we do become aware, the realization that we are living kicks in. In a playful journey floating on the beat of the pulse, the three men try to connect to one and other, as well as to their own sense of aliveness, acceptance and freedom.

Concept, direction and choreography: Alexis Vassiliou
Co-creation and performance: Tadeu Liesenfeld, Ioannis Papakammenos (Minoas) and Alexandros Stavropoulos.
Dramaturgy: Annette van Zwoll
Lighting design: Alexander Jotovic
Costumes: Lydia Mandridou
Sound Design: Pan
Photographs and video: Stelios Kallinikou
Main sponsor: Terpsichore Program & Ministry of Education and Cultural Services