photo: David Dollman
The taiga, the major forest that stretches in a belt around the entire northern hemisphere, is a place of mystery. A place beyond our immediate comprehension. Deep down in the dark and humid forest, in its waste areas and inhospitable terrain, the world seems a little different. You seem a little different. Senses open up, instincts awaken, the familiar becomes the unfamiliar and vice versa.

In the trilogy KAZAK the Norwegian theatre collective NONcompany considers the enormity of the taiga as the basis of our roots and claims that natural habitat is more important to people’s sense of belonging than nationality, social class and culture.

‘Kazak’ is an old Russian word for adventurer and vagabond. In the third and final part of the trilogy –  KAZAK: widunderbaum – we look upon the theme from its final angle: how a place of belonging can be created, in every circumstance.

NONcompany places all elements on equal footing and creates technical effects on the spot. With this hands on approach a transparent, but also mystical world starts to arise. Perspectives become fluid and reflections fade away before you get the chance to catch them.

KAZAK: widunderbaum will premiere as the opening performance of the festival BASTARD, in Trondheim on August 31 and can be seen again on October 15 as the opening performance of festival METEOR in Bergen, Norway.