Dutch Dance Dialogues 2014 / photo: Antoinette Mooy

Festival De  Nederlandse Dansdagen (Dutch Dance Festival) is almost coming up and they’ve asked me to organize the Dutch Dance Dialogues; a biennial programme to boost the dialogue within the Dutch dance field. This years themes are: Dance & Fashion (in relation to the projects (OLD)Fashion(ed) and Distinguished Dreams) and Dance & Gender (in relation to the European project Performing Gender). Speakers include, among others, fashion journalist Aynouk Tan, Lecturer cultural studies Bibi Straatman, director Gender Bender Festival Daniele Del Pozzo, Roberto Casarotto of the B-Motion Festival in Italy, several choreographers like Connor Schumacher and Juan Arques and many more.

You can be there as well! There is cake and coffee. Check here for more info and tickets.