For choreographers, dancers, dance dramaturges and other dance professionals, Dansateliers published the beautifully designed book An Open Book, Dance is Dialogue. It contains five articles, in Dutch and English, on different ways of dialogue within the practice of dance, written by dance scholars Fleur Bokhoven, Merel Heering, Laura Karreman, Jochem Naafs and myself.

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- Fleur Bokhoven followed the making process of Rage from Tabea Martin and reports on her dialogue with the audience in Dialogue Dansant.
- In A dialogue with a dance dramaturge Merel Heering reflects with Peggy Olislaegers on Olislaegers dramaturgical practice.
- Laura Karreman interviews several dancers and choreographers on their working relationship in The Emancipation of the Dancer.
Jochem Naafs reports on the exchange program Choreoroam in which young dance makers enter a dialogue together.
- In Signature, What Do You Mean, I research, together with several dance professionals, how a word like ’signature’ can, or cannot, be fruitful in a dialogue.

An Open Book, Dance is Dialogue is a publication of Dansateliers(2010), edited by Cecile Brommer, Peggy Olislaegers and Annette van Zwoll.