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photo: Marquis Palmer

On October 4, 2015, the second part of the duet Please me Please will premiere during the Dutch Dance Festival.

Liat Waysbort investigates our need to please with two older dancers, Amy Gale and Angela Linssen. In Please me Please – The Duet, two bodies full of history are confronted with the standards which the ‘older person’ is supposed to meet. The production questions our definition of beauty – precisely, explosively and tenderly – with the objective of stretching that definition. ‘Liat Waysbort previously had an impact with the strong and very individual Please me Please – The Solo, danced by the young Ivan Ugrin. In contrast to his youth, Waysbort now goes on an adventure with two self-assured women who each, in their own way, embody an aspect of the history of Dutch dance. That makes one curious.

choreography: Liat Waysbort
dance: Amy Gale, Angela Linssen
dramaturgy: Annette van Zwoll
producer: Bitter Sweet Dance
co producer: Dansmakers Amsterdam
production: Jannita Jáuregui
light and technique: Mark Thewessen

Please me please – the solo has been made by Liat Waysbort and Ivan Ugrin (I was involved as dance dramaturge) with no financial support. It has been caught op by the international dance scene and is now traveling the world. After Kroatia, the Netherlands, Russia and Italy, it recently was shown at the Mercat de les Flores in Barcelona, Spain, in the frame of Flower Market. It got the following review:

‘The surprise of the evening! A journey of transformation from male to female dancer, where the vanity of someone who knows is desired and the perfection of dance gesture, connect gender change with states of mind. A small masterpiece, probably the best piece I have seen these days in Flower Market.’

Catalan review

Meanwhile, we are busy working on the next piece Please me please – the duet!

Let’s Talk About Gender Baby!
Column Mikki Stelder / October 3 2014 / Dutch Dance Dialogues / Maastricht

“Do we still need to talk about gender in dance and performance?” This is a question I hear very often.
The still in this question implies a certain fatigue. It presumes that the topic has been exhausted. That we have witnessed significant changes over the decades both on and off-stage. Instead of asking the question “do we still need to talk about gender in dance?” I am inspired by a song from the artist Planningtorock that I send to my students before the first day of class “let’s talk about gender baby!”

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Bassano Del Grappa, Italy

Dance dramaturge Merel Heering and me taught a course on looking at dance, talking about dance and contextualising dance to choreographers from all over Europe during the Summerschool Choreographic Research at the B-Motion Festival in beautiful Bassano del Grappa. A week full of enlightening insights, intriguing performances and challenging but constructive conversations. It was the best! We’re in the process of developing new concepts for workshops and courses. More to come….

Picture: Than Beels

J o u r n e y premiered on March 28, 2013 in CC Berchem. A duet of choreographer Koen De Preter (31) and the 87-year (yes, really, 87) old Alphea Pouget. Funny, touching, excited and on the whole: quite special.

Or, as the Belgium reviewer Els van Steenberghe wrote:

‘Een guitig en soms rakend broos portret van een vurige ontmoeting.’

And a video.

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Still Standing You Picture Still Standing You: Phile Deprez

This season, I’m teaching the course Kijk! Dans at Theater Frascati. In five lectures I’ll give insight in the development of dance, duets and possibilities to look at at discuss about dance. After the lecture all the fun starts: we’ll be seeing the performance and discuss it later in the bar. Oh, and beforehand there is dinner, so it’s an whole evening out. Pretty nice, actually.   read more

Picture: Vincent Wijlhuizen

‘Moisturizing’. This is what former porn star from the seventies and currently 76 years old Georgina Spelvin (check out her appearance in a Massive Attack video here) stated as her motto in life. The witty skype conversation with this grande dame of porn was part of the research week Act Your Age during the Nederlandse Dansdagen (Dutch Dance Days) in October in Maastricht. Read the rest of this entry »


For choreographers, dancers, dance dramaturges and other dance professionals, Dansateliers published the beautifully designed book An Open Book, Dance is Dialogue. It contains five articles, in Dutch and English, on different ways of dialogue within the practice of dance, written by dance scholars Fleur Bokhoven, Merel Heering, Laura Karreman, Jochem Naafs and myself.

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