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 Photo: Vincent Wijlhuizen

As  an independent dance dramaturge, text writer and international project developer I’m a forceful and committed ally in the realisation of artistic projects. Together with Vincent Wijlhuizen and Ieme Soes I’ve initiated What You See Festival, I’m artistic associate of Bitter Sweet Dance and advisor of the Dutch Performing Arts Fund. I reflect on the activities of the European Dancehouse Network and am part of Springback Magazine and am experienced in artistic work, dance dramaturgy, moderation, producing, budgeting, writing, project development and management. My interests are broad, but I have a soft spot for the representation of gender, age and cultural diversity, cultural structures that influence our thinking and tools that stretch the conventions of what is considered normal. I’m always interested in new collaborations so contact me via


A reflection on my experiences at Spring Forward Festival 2017

‘It don’t matter if you’re black or white’ was the ideological soundtrack of my youth. Somewhere along the line, while imitating Michael Jackson moves, we somehow forgot that what he was singing about was an ideal and not yet a reality. I, and many others, grew up with the illusion that we don’t see skin colour, and that it really doesn’t matter if you’re black or white. But it does matter and, by ignoring that, we are at risk over overlooking systematic iniquities in our society. As Anousha Nzume’s writes in her recently-published and very accessible book Hallo witte mensen (Hello white people), ‘if you claim you don’t see colour, you will also not see power structures created on the base of colour.’[1] In order to unravel power structures we have to talk about skin colour, including within the dance field. So here we go.

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Design by Esther Noyons in collaboration with Serena Kloet

I put together a booklet of the most influential project  of my professional life: Act Your Age. This two year European project focussed, through dance, on the pressing global question of aging and how we deal with the older other. Choreographers of all ages, the elderly community from the Netherlands, Cyprus and Italy, researchers, policy makers and practitioners in the medical field all came together to constructively and innovatively contribute to the discussion about aging and the depiction of the older body. The project has come to an end, but its influences stretches into the future. This booklet contains a collection of articles  on the project and beautiful pictures and you can receive it for free! Just send an e-mail to with your address.

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For choreographers, dancers, dance dramaturges and other dance professionals, Dansateliers published the beautifully designed book An Open Book, Dance is Dialogue. It contains five articles, in Dutch and English, on different ways of dialogue within the practice of dance, written by dance scholars Fleur Bokhoven, Merel Heering, Laura Karreman, Jochem Naafs and myself.

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