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Fremdgehen (literally meaning: going into foreign parts, walking astray or in a strange way, but also used to the description of having a side affair) of Sabine Zahn comprises four choreographic duets each made together with an unknown companion in the area around Anhalter Bahnhof in Berlin. Each of the four performers invited their guest to subtly shift their viewpoints on the city of Berlin through movement and physical communication. Fremdgehen tested the amount of playfulness the daily life of this neighbourhood allowed.Fremdgehen took place in June and August 2019 and I was involved as production manager.

“This is one thing your performance left me feeling: The city is not just a place to pass through. But a place to be in. And a place to be with”- Fremdgehen visitor 

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True Colors / Backbone Connects
‘Look at me. Admire and envy me. In True Colors, choreographer Alida Dors goes in search of the real person behind our online identities. Nothing is what it seems. Her characteristic, innovative hip-hop vocabulary, stripped of show and bravado, unpicks the stories behind social media images. We see what normally is hidden.’

making of

Premiere: 28th of January 2017, Theater Bellevue Amsterdam

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See here the trailer of Please me Please – the Solo. Wanna see the Duet at well? Go and check it here: Please me Please – The Duet / Liat Waysbort



choreography: Liat Waysbort
dancers: Ivan Ugrin, Amy Gale and Angela Linssen
dramaturgy: Annette van Zwoll
producer: BitterSweet Dance
co-producer: Dansmakers Amsterdam
production manager: Jannita Jáuregui

photo: David Dollman
The taiga, the major forest that stretches in a belt around the entire northern hemisphere, is a place of mystery. A place beyond our immediate comprehension. Deep down in the dark and humid forest, in its waste areas and inhospitable terrain, the world seems a little different. You seem a little different. Senses open up, instincts awaken, the familiar becomes the unfamiliar and vice versa.

In the trilogy KAZAK the Norwegian theatre collective NONcompany considers the enormity of the taiga as the basis of our roots and claims that natural habitat is more important to people’s sense of belonging than nationality, social class and culture.

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